Wastewater Treatment Projects, Potable Water Treatment, and Water Storage Projects
Is a lack of capital preventing you from resolving your project needs or returning to compliance? Do you need assistance with funding to get your project off the ground?

Whether you need a new treatment system for drinking water, or you need to expand or upgrade an existing system, AquaWorks DBO can help you secure funding.

AquaWorks DBO has a team of in-house grant writers who have experience navigating the requirements for grants and loans, completing application forms, and submitting documentation. Let us assess your financing requirements, identify suitable options, and seek funding on your behalf.

AquaWorks DBO has successfully obtained funding for its clients from the following sources for grants — which do not need to be paid back — and loans — available at discounted rates to nonprofit water and wastewater service providers:

  • Drinking Water and Wastewater Planning & Design Grants
  • Water Quality Improvement Fund (WQIF) Grants
  • Small Systems Training and Technical Assistance (SSTTA) Grants
  • Natural Disaster Grants
  • Green Project Reserve Program
  • Water Efficiency Grants
  • Small Communities Water & Wastewater Grants
  • Principal Forgiveness Loans
  • State Revolving Fund Low-Interest Loans (0-2%)