Wastewater Treatment, Potable Water Treatment and Water Storage
What is AquaWorks DBO?
AquaWorks DBO is a joint venture of licensed professional engineers, construction personnel, and operators, teamed to provide efficient and cost-effective delivery of small-scale water and wastewater treatment facilities producing less than 1-million gallons per day (GPD).
What does DBO stand for?
DBO is short for design/build/operate, which in the case of AquaWorks, means that we provide all of the services needed to construct a water or wastewater facility, from initial conceptual planning right through the construction phase to startup and regular operations. The advantages of a DBO include item and cost savings and simplified oversight for the client.
Do you only provide complete systems, or can I hire you to provide assistance with a component of the DBO process?
AquaWorks can and does provide complete systems. But the DBO process is the culmination of many complex activities, including planning, engineering, permitting, construction, and operations. We recognize that not all clients require the entire package and may only need assistance with a particular activity. AquaWorks is pleased to offer any combination of services that may be required.
What sort of design services do you offer?
Our team of professional engineers can manage all the design functions that may be required, including treatment and collection plant specification and design, permit applications, facility planning, performance reviews, proposal analysis, and facility audits.
What about building and construction services?
AquaWorks specializes in building and delivering systems and facilities for water and wastewater treatment, water filtering, and wastewater reuse. Projects that range between 9,000 and 1,000,000 GPD are our specialty.
What other services do you provide?
Are you already working with an engineer on your project but are seeking additional services to keep your project running as efficiently as possible? We represent your interests as the owner and can manage the activities of the engineer and contractor to ensure the project is delivered as cost effectively as possible.
What sort of credentials do you have?
AquaWorks is a professional engineering firm, incorporated in Colorado since 2004 and licensed to provide engineering services in Colorado, Nebraska, and Wyoming. Our staff maintains other certifications, including one from the American Institute of Certified Planners. We are actively involved in numerous professional organizations to advance our industry and remain involved in the communities we serve.
What types of projects have you completed?
We have successfully completed a diverse range of projects varying in scale and complexity. Please review the Projects tab for a partial view of our track record.
Can you assist a client in obtaining funding for a project?
Absolutely. AquaWorks can help identify your funding needs and can help develop a plan to get the funding you require. There are several options available, both public and private. A number of programs exist for our municipal clients that provide grants—with no requirement for principal repayment—or loans with reduced interest rates. We are experienced at navigating their requirements and completing the required documentation and applications. Please look under the Value tab for more information.