We provide all of the design functions that projects may require, including treatment plant design, collection and distribution system design, permit applications, facility planning, performance reviews, proposal analysis, owner representation and value engineering. Our team of professional engineers can manage all phases of the design process for our clients.


Clients receive superb quality construction and outstanding compliance with all applicable codes and requirements. When appropriate, we work alongside well-proven contractors, all of whom are highly qualified professionals that are licensed and insured.


We provide operational support throughout the Rocky Mountain region, offering services that include new plant start-up, process control, systems maintenance, water sampling and pre-treatment programs. All of our technicians and operators are highly trained and licensed.


Design/Build/Operate is an integrated approach that delivers all project services under one contract, with a single point of responsibility and simplified oversight for the project owner. Owners select DBO to attain the best value while meeting schedule, cost, and quality assurance goals. AquaWorks DBO is a joint venture of engineers, contractors, and operators teamed to provide an efficient way to design, build and operate small-scale water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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AquaWorks DBO is a Design/Build/Operate firm dedicated to providing top-quality turnkey, small-scale, water and wastewater treatment systems, from conceptual planning, through startup, to regular operations. We specialize in package water and wastewater systems treating less than 1 million gallons per day.